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Blockchain technology is poised to reshape the world, but the concepts can be difficult to grasp.  I’ve tried to cover the basics about blockchain in this article.  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency topics are hot right now with information popping up everywhere on the internet. Please check out my admittedly overly simplified explanation of bitcoin here.  I left a lot out of that on purpose. Far more detailed descriptions can be found on numerous sites around the internet. My goal with this site is to keep things simple and to summarize complex blockchain technology in short, understandable articles. Be sure to check out bitcoin’s Wikipedia page for a much more detailed explanation. Also check out Bitcoin Magazine for up to date technical news on bitcoin.

For a quick look at why I got interested in this arena, check out my introductory blog post where I let my excitement for this new arena of investing me get the best of me.

Once you’ve decided you want to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, our Beginner’s Guide to Coinbase is a great place to start. That is not an affiliate link. Our next article will be a guide to the other major exchanges.  A little further out, Crypto For Seniors is working on articles on Ethereum, litecoin, Ripple’s XRP and other top coins. Tax topics are also on the agenda as the year winds down. We’ll cover everything from leaving them in your exchange accounts, desktop wallet creation and security to hardware and paper wallets.

In the meantime, design continues for The Cryptocurrency Forums and its two partner sites heading to an October launch for the first forum site.  Look for links as soon as we’re up.  I’m excited about what I’ve got in the works.  Watch for announcements from our parent company, Blockchain Web Group, LLC.

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