The blockchain and cryptocurrency explosion of 2017 has brought many new investors into the field along with new developers, companies, projects and more.  The spectacular growth of blockchain, both the technology and the investment aspects, has resulted in a massive increase in searches for information on the topic. Unfortunately, a lot of currently available information is hard to find, difficult to understand, often incomplete and sometimes nothing but hype or simply incorrect.

My goal is to build a library of information on this incredible new field with articles and guides understandable by the average reader. To create a network of easily navigable and readable discussion forums (October 1!)  Articles written and sites designed for those of us who are not software developers or who may simply be unsatisfied with the many different methods of content delivery used by today’s social media platforms.  For those of us who expect more than one sentence followed by a link to a video.

Introducing Crypto For Seniors.  But of course, it’s not just for seniors.  Shhh, don’t tell your parents that.  They still think it’s their little secret to help keep up with you guys.